Who We Are

Based in San Diego California since 1982, Betsy Jacobson & Associates (BJA Consulting) has provided a wide range of consulting and customized training services to companies and governments around the globe.

Principal Betsy Jacobson is a sociologist with a Master’s in Business and Organization Change. She is a published author of many articles on leadership and career development in respected professional journals, and books.  Ms. Jacobson is a hands-on consultant who also utilizes the talent and resources of a trusted core of affiliated professionals to successfully serve client needs.

BJA Consulting forms a partnering relationship with clients, with the goal of building a capacity for self-correction; systemic thinking; and professional growth. The result can be a distinctive competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“Our passion is to serve as a catalyst
for people to re-energize their
“best selves” as well as to
design customized, learning systems
that result in significant change
in the individual, team and
organization’s culture’.