True Tales and Tall Tales

True Tales and Tall Tales: The Power of Organizational Storytelling By Beverly Kaye and Betsy Jacobson Abstracted from Training and Development Journal, March 1999 Stories play an important role in the workplace. Stories can be vivid and memorable, helping achieve levels of understanding in ways that are meaningful and relevant. Because storytelling is a collective … Read more

Training Goes Mod(ular) at Apple

By Betsy Jacobson and Linda Keegan Abstracted from Training and Development Journal, July 1995 Authors’ Note: The enduring principles communicated in this article are as relevant today as in 1995—perhaps even more so today, when time and resources are scarce, and training gets put on the back burner more and more frequently because of the … Read more

Service Means Success

By Betsy Jacobson and Beverly Kaye Abstracted from Training and Development Journal, May 1991 Authors’ Note: Service is a timeless issue that continually challenges organizations in achieving their competitive advantage. Today, HR departments are under even more pressure to demonstrate their value. This forward-thinking article in its entirety is a timely reminder that real service … Read more

Reconceiving Balance

By Betsy Jacobson Abstracted from Reflection, The Society For Organization Learning Journal Balancing work and family has been on organizational agendas for years, yet it has been miscast as a time-management issue. As employees, we typically look to organizations for permission to be a whole person and assume that we can solve work-and-family issues on … Read more